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In a world so filled with beauty and pain, I want to cultivate a vision of a social work practice dedicated to helping grow hope.

In Active hope: How to face the mess we're in without going crazy, Joanna Macy (2012) writes that we begin our work by coming from our gratitudes, and that we return to gratitudes again and again as part of engaging in the practice of active hope.

I will return again and again to draw on the many transformational interactions I experienced in my Master of Social Work, Clinical Specialization Program, as I practice Active Hope in the world.

Gratitudes: Headliner


I am deeply grateful for the teachings I received in my MSW program and I look forward to continued learning and development of identity as a social worker and my social work practice framework.

I am grateful in particular for the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Daniel Wulff for his teaching and mentorship in my internship; Dr. Sally St. George, Dr. Karl Tomm, Dr. Jessica Shaw, Dr. Emily Doyle, Tamara Wilson, Leanne Shannon, and all the awesome staff members at the CFTC: Melissa, Hazel, Elaine, and Debbie. I celebrate and cherish the learning and team work with my classmates and internship fellows, and I am grateful for their contributions to the co-constructing of my identify and practice as a social worker.

I am also deeply grateful to my Family: to my three kiddos who entered public school for the first time after many years of homeschooling to make it possible for me to attend university; to my husband who took on many additional duties in our household; to my Mom who showed up at the children's school day after day to collect the kids and take them home, who provided countless snacks, soups, and covered many sick days, and to my Dad who patiently supported my Mom in her commitment to our family.

And I am grateful to the women of Bridge To Peace Threshold Choir who took on the task of leading, facilitating, restructuring, and continuing the work of Calgary's Threshold Choir community.

Gratitudes: About


I would like to close this part of my social work journey and this capstone project by sharing a song I created for the International Threshold Choir repertoire. This simple song has been a blessing for many people.

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(c) 2015 Agnieszka Wolska

Gratitudes: About Me
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